Anime Music Recommendation – Winter Anime 2019

*Inserts Rihanna’s Please don’t stop the Music song*

It’s time for me to recommend you guys to beautiful Anime songs. Without any delay, let’s dive in:

In no particular order:

Kaguya Sama: Love is War

The opening song for this show is remarkably catchy and a definite BOP to listen. The music flow captures the show’s theme perfectly. It’s a perfect love song too. So, make sure to listen to it and I’m sure you will be repeating it after the first time. Good Luck and enjoy the Love.

The Promised Neverland

This show is giving us the chills and the psychological warfare will leave you in the fear. The battle of kids vs the adults, the chasing, and the final escape, can be clearly felt through the opening song. Hence, the Promised Neverland has a very promising upbeat song. I believe the full version is released recently. So, don’t miss out this ‘must-listen’ track.


Party is over, guys.

Well, that’s how the song starts. This song is everything. The pain of Hyakkimaru, Dororo’s care & love, their journey, and finally the action; killing those demon monsters. The singer’s voice is mesmerizing and in the full version, you can hear the rap verse, which is unexpected initially. However, the song entirely is soulful. YOU WILL LOVE IT.

Fukigen na Mononokean 2nd Season

Guys, this show is wonderful and especially, the second season has a very beautiful opening that as sweet as the show itself. This opening really captured my heart. A beautiful sweet & pure music that will heal your mind and soul. Check it out:

My Roommate is a Cat

This slice of life anime about a cat and a human will catch your attention. The opening is an upbeat peppy track. Such a nice and relaxing track, just like the anime. Don’t miss out this and dance to its beats.

The Rising of the Shield Hero:

The opening of this anime is everything. The hype is real and the anime show is killing it. The song captures the mood of the anime and it reflects each character in it. I’m SURE you will dig this song.


That’s all for now and I see that all of the songs ended up from the ‘opening song’ lists. But, however, they are all beautiful music that will definitely make you listen to them on repeat mode.

P.S -> I will make sure to update more anime music for you guys to enjoy. So, stay tuned.

More Anime Music recommendation is to come in the future as we travel on this journey. Make sure to stay tuned and subscribe for more.

Until next time with another music recommendation, Bye Bye…




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