Attack on Titan – the anime with strong female characters

No, no no we’re not doing this. It’s completely opposite of what we’ll be focusing on today’s topic:

Exactly, get in there and punch that thing.

Oh, hey, Welcome to the BREAKFAST CLUBHOUSE. Today, we’ll be focusing on one particular anime show called “ATTACK ON TITAN”. Thus, giving rise to more Girl Power.

What? Eren is cute? Armie is bae? Levi is sexy? well, not today homie.

Here’s the thing, I watched Attack on Titan, an awesome show can’t wait for the next season on April 2019. All good. Honestly, other than me being surprised about the storyline and characters, it was the girls. Yes. The female badasses.

As I kept watching Attack on Titan, I felt that the anime featured a lot of strong and potential female characters other than just being lovey-dovey, cute and giggly. Let me wipe out all of those stereotypes with just a single image. Here you go –

That’s Mikasa Ackerman for you guys. Look at them abs –

That’s right. Today I want to write about the ladies that are taking over the world, Titans, humans and etc.

Disclaimer: This is only talked from the anime series point of view[Manga not included]

Moving on to the most badass female characters in the Attack on Titan:


Remember the extra OVA episodes of Attack on Titan. One of them being about the survey corps’s 34th expedition where a soldier named Ilse Langnar had documented final moments of her life being alone outside the wall. Ilse Langnar was part of the 34th expedition outside the wall where her entire squad got massacred except herself. Without her maneuvering equipment and a horse, she was left alone outside the wall. Just imagine ourselves in that situation?

However, instead of just leaving it to the fate, Ilse managed to walk up towards north to the nearby forest. As she kept progressing, she wrote about it in her journal as documentation which might be helpful to others in case if she dies while encountering a titan. Now, if you see that’s smart. She wanted to be useful even until her last breath. Thus, a devoted survey corps soldier who’s proud of her job.

As per her predictions, she did meet a Titan and guess what, it spoke. Yes, her meeting a titan which spoke and Ilse documenting that moment had helped the latter fellows of Survey corps in their journey of discovering about the Titan’s identity.

So, of course, she died by that same titan and her journal was later discovered by Captain Levi and his team where Hange Zoe took the role of analyzing and studying her documentation, thus discovering that some titan can actually speak. Indeed a brave warrior who had contributed to the survey corps.

Historia Reiss:

Honestly, if I talk about Historia, It can go on for days. This girl has got a long past, present, and maybe future. So, let me focus on her becoming one of the strong female characters.

Historia was this gentle girl who loves helping out people. So soft and pure. To be frank, I didn’t know she would be alive till now. I mean when all of the major guys were getting hurt, killing and getting eaten alive by the Titans, somehow Historia survive. Oh, wait.

It was Ymir. Anyways, at the beginning of the show, we all saw how pure and soft Historia was. But as the show went on, with the help of Ymir, Historia opened up more and became the person that she is right now; being both honest and powerful.  And yeah, she belongs to the royal family, thus making her the queen. Historia’s transformation in the series is what the fans felt genuinely happy and satisfied, I think. Going from weak to powerful made her join the list. However, it was all due to Ymir and her influence upon Historia. As I said, we can keep talking about this character for days. So, let’s move on.


Aka the Jaw Titan/Lady Ymir/Nerd Titan/Brainy Titan/Smartass Titan – well you get the gist.

This girl was always sassy commenting on everyone but had a major soft spot on Historia. She knew that Historia was being overly kind to everyone and ‘not being true to herself’. From the fact that, both of them had kind of similar past – conceptually made Ymir protect Historia.

However, after seeing in her Titan form, Historia realized her mistakes or the so-called ‘being fake’. Historia changed herself. If it’s one thing the Ymir wanted from Historia was to ‘live for herself and not for others’.

Well, to talk about her personality. She’s smart[ I mean brainy Titan, duh!!], also well trained to kill titans. However, I never really saw her in action like Mikasa or even Sasha. Let’s say she’s strong and that’s how she survived. Plus, she’s smart. She knows her way around.

From here on it’s going to be wild and badass, hope you guys survive… *inserts evil laugh*

Sasha Braus Aka the Potato Girl :

We all can agree that without our favorite Potato Girl, the AOT is incomplete. Right, our potato girl is definitely on this list. Although we don’t much get to see Sasha’s fighting skills, there are moments which is highly embarked her presence in this anime.

Like the scene where she fights against a titan and helps a girl. I think she’s the only one to have fought a titan in combat without any gear or swords. The epic scene itself reveals her personality.

Sasha’s character is kind of interesting to watch: she’s wild, loves food, kind-of lets the survival aura around her every second. One of the most special skills of her’s is that she’s able to sense any threat easily than others. Maybe, it’s because she’s a hunter. We can all see that anytime; whether it’s a group of titans approaching or any riots breaking out, Sasha would be the first one to sense it.

However, this extreme skill of sense of her’s isn’t really appreciated or used by the scouts, I believe. Remember Miche, the one who’s compared to be on-par with Levi. Also, the one who’s said to sniff people when he meets them for the first time. Sasha is just like him, in terms of sensitivity. I really hope that they use it wisely.

As much as I love Sasha’s wild nature, she is also seen often scared or backing off while encountering a titan. It was kind of a disappointment initially for me because seeing her all wild and crazy[like Hanji] and often getting scared in front of a titan, that was a bit off. Nevertheless, it all changed and now, she’s with Captain Levi in the survival corps. So, I hope we get to see her actions more.

Annie Leonhart:

Guys, the list is officially coming to an END and so, here we have, our Female Titan, Annie Leonhart. The stoic-type, expressionless girl who has ‘I don’t give a shit’ look on her face, is definitely our top picks. When I said, this show had a lot of potential female characters, it did a great justice by having Annie Leonhart.

When we all encountered the female titan for the first time, some of us guessed it was Annie and few were extremely shocked to see a female titan itself. Regardless, Annie played the main antagonist for Season 1 and she did do a great job. I do like Annie as a fighter. But, let’s all agree on guys, she did had a bit of friendly feeling toward her teammates. Poor girl, during the final episodes we see Annie with her father as in flashbacks. It’s not entirely revealed but we hope to get a backstory about her. Plus, I really wish her to come alive from that crystal state.[Hanji’s experiment mode ON]

Mikasa Akerman:

The first character that we all worshipped hard-core would be Mikasa Ackerman. The girl’s a beast. How do I even start to explain? Mikasa is simply the girl that we all dreamed to become. She’s skilled yet super dumbly in love with Eren. I understand her love for Eren but often times, all she cares is about the guy rather than anyone else. It’s alright, I mean Eren doesn’t have any family. All he has is Armin and Mikasa. And, I guess the ships is Eren and Mikasa. well, we did get a glimpse of Eren sort of confessing to her. Hope it all turns out good.

Having a strong female protagonist is definitely a plus for any show. Oh, I do want to appreciate the fact that Attack on Titan doesn’t really focus on having girls with large breasts. It’s one thing in the anime world as well as the Manga world that is a little uncomfortable. Maybe, having girls with huge breasts attracts people in the old times but they aren’t anymore. It makes watching the show uncomfortable. I’m glad Mikasa isn’t designed having big boobs but hell yeah with six packs!!!

Mikasa is already an expert but her feeling for Eren puts her behind Levi Akerman, who’s got steady deciding skills as well as fighting skills. Let’s hope for Mikasa to become less obsessed with Eren and also develop a lot of emotions and feelings, or should I say explore a lot of emotions.

Also, there are other great female characters in this show which I haven’t mentioned due to their less screen presence and their importance to the series. Nevertheless, I loved and enjoyed every single moment of this show from my heart. Go watch it, If you haven’t and make sure to support the creator.

Until next time with another topic, Bye Bye.



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