Let’s Hangout – The Anime world that I would like to go If I had the chance

Hello people, Welcome to another Let’s Hangout session.

Disclaimer: This is entirely fictional and not encouraged to be taken seriously. Just an opinionated article. Kindly refrain from taking it too seriously. Again FICTIONAL THINKING

Today’s Hangout Session, I would like to talk about something imaginary and fictional. There’s a classy question that we ask a lot of anime Otaku,

If you get a chance to enter any anime world, which one would it be?

Or I’m sure as the anime lovers we all had this thought at least once in our life.

Man, If I get a chance, I would like to go to “Naruto world” because I can be like those great Ninjas’, or I want to go to the “One Piece” world to join the great straw hat pirates and find the One Piece treasure. Something like that.

We all had our own dreams and imaginary thought-process where we get to see if we enter into the anime world as in ourselves. As said, I too had this thought and it kept me thinking on and on about which anime world would I enter if I had the chance.

My answer would be…


Here’s the deal, my very first anime was Naruto. That’s the spark that ignited my anime senses to an extreme and turned me into this anime watching monster. And so, I started watching a lot of anime series with different genres. However, when I think of this question… Which anime world would you go?

The only show that I can say without any hesitation is ATTACK ON TITAN.

This came as a shock to even myself. ATTACK ON TITAN is one of my favorite shows. It had a lot of impact on me. Probably because this anime show is too realistic that it talks about us, mankind.

Let’s see we’re living in this world right now with a lot of potential future threats, like:

  • Terrorism
  • Pollution
  • Global Warming
  • Ozone layer depletion which is quite bad
  • Natural calamities
  • Cyber Crimes and etc…

What if one day, we suddenly wake up and see that Nature has ‘given up’ on mankind. It would be devastating right? If the earth is no more a place for us to live. Then mankind will be faced with huge trouble. Not all of us can afford to go to Mars or that all of us will definitely be transported to Mars if something’sĀ gonna happen to Earth, right? There’s no assurance. When things get rough, the higher-ups will be the only one to survive and common people are sure to be doomed. Let’s be REAL here.

If you think in that perspective, Attack on Titan will definitely make you feel like it’s a realistic anime.

All of the above thoughts made me realize the cruelty of this world that we’re living in right now. So, it’s not too soon that something will destroy us if we don’t take the necessary action to protect the gifted environment.

You might ask, how is this connected to you getting a chance to enter an anime world?

Well, I used to walk every night on our terrace. Since I live in an apartment the buildings are connected to give us a wide area to walk around freely. Only recently, I’ve started to imagine during my walking times that what if suddenly a Titan appears at this moment?

I had this thought almost every day, like as if I’m actually expecting Titan’s to appear. Hence, I believe that no other Anime that I would like to go to, other than Attack on Titan.

There’s also the other reasons that I wanted to actually be on the Attack on Titan world:

  • Just so, I can join the Survey Corps – I’m pretty hardcore and if I ever live in a world that’s similar to Attack on Titan, then I would rather spend my life fighting the Titans than doing something else. I enjoy fighting as in like a warrior [ I do believe that I’ve inherited the warrior’s soul and personality] So, Survey Corps is definitely my place to stay.
  • Fight for a cause – If there’s something you guys should be aware of me is this. I love working towards a cause and I even don’t mind taking risks for it to succeed.
  • Killing – who else enjoy slashing and cutting off monsters if it’s for the good. I enjoy dark themes, dark movies and also dark characters. Probably that’s the reason why I developed a lot of interest in sword fighting. PS: anything involving with swords – I’d be interested. [lol, and that’s why Zoro is my favorite character in One piece, next to Luffy]
  • Good Reflexes and Gut instincts– I don’t know if it’s actually a good reason, but in order to act quickly, you need good reflexes. So, if I’m in the survey corps this skill of mine would be put into good use. When it comes to gut instincts, I think I would be in the top lists. Because, when others think that it’s crazy, I would go ahead and do it. Plus, I do have reckless gut instincts which can be really useful in killing those giants.
  • I just love being in the Attack on Titan’s world – this is again; gut feeling. I would be actually okay with living in such a hell. Let’s see if we can take Wall Maria back, LOL. Probably, I’m a sadist. [who knows?]

Ah, one more thing. If I ever join in the survey corps, what would I be? I did give it a thought of course and the answer would be:

If Levi and Hanji ever had a child together, that would be me – crazy, skilled fighter and a survivor.

My favorites would definitely be the Ackerman family: be it Levi, Mikasa or Kenny. I love them all. But if I had to compare myself with others, I would be Levi Ackerman except for his extreme cleaning OCD problems. Mikasa is too much obsessed with Eren but other than that she’s pretty rad and awesome. Kenny is… I don’t know. I love him but he’s pretty twisted, unlike Levi who knows what he wants.

So that’s it. I just thought that I would want to share this here. I mean we all do dream of being in One Piece, Bleach or Dragon Ball world. Although it ain’t gonna happen in reality, let’s develop our creativity at least. Who know that they can even be used in coming up with great storytellers!!!

Let me know if you guys have any anime places that you wanted to go so badly. Put them in comments and we’ll discuss it.

Until next time with another topic, Bye Bye…

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