The joy of flipping through the pages with curiosity

Guys, we’ve got a good topic on hand today!!!

Books that you listen Vs Books that you read

As someone who has been into both the sides, I’ think I do have my answer to this.

But, before revealing my answer let me talk from both perspectives and then we’ll reveal the answer.

I hated books and reading and what you call those people? book worm!!! Don’t even get me started on that.

When I was young, I was more of an athletic come cultural kid. I was in sports as well as in cultural activities. So, my childhood revolved around music, dance, drama, and sports. Plus, I never really liked the idea of sitting in a place for a long time reading that single book. And hence, I hated reading books. There’s also another reason for it which was, whenever I read a book, I feel…

I do fall asleep after reading a book. So, that made me ignore that hobby even more. When I see kids reading books, sharing their thoughts, and debating about the stories and stuff, I just thought it to be really a nerdy conversation which I can’t get involved.

Fast forward to ‘me in college time’ ->

I was a growing teenager, listening to music and watching movies. Don’t ask me why? It’s just a phase. I was watching all rom-com movies, coming-out-of-the-age movies, and teen movies. you know like… high school musical, Mean girls, 27 dresses, Bride Wars and etc…

It was the time when I was introduced to ‘English movies or the HOLLYWOOD movies‘ other than the superhero versions. It attracted me and I started to enjoy them a lot. Everything was good and fine.


Life doesn’t let you be satisfied just like that, am I right? During my movie-watching phase, I encountered one of a beautiful gem-kind of a film called, ‘A Walk to Remember‘. Watched it and loved it. But here’s the thing. When I heard it was adapted from a book written by this author, who writes romance novels, it triggered me.

That was the moment when I felt like I really wanted to read a book, genuinely.

It made me question myself. Here’s another true story:

My first book was something that I picked out from our college library and I did read it. However, with the sixth page or so, I slept off. Still, now, I remember the feeling of getting easily aroused to sleep just by reading that book. I regret not remembering the book title now. But that feeling of ‘getting bored from a book‘, I still remembered.

Things changed when I found out the reason.

When I read ‘A Walk to Remember‘ book by the greatest and my favorite author Nicholas Sparks, I couldn’t believe myself.

I finished the book in three days…

Exactly, I thought that my eyes were deceived but no. Not today!!!

Well, the reason behind it was very simple. I enjoyed that movie and I got the idea of ‘what the story is about?’ since I loved that movie so much, it pushed me out of my limits and made me read the book version. Guess what?

I LOVED the book more than the movie.

That gave rise to me searching for books that had movie¬†adaptations. And yeah, I found a bunch. I didn’t become a book reader but rather someone who wants to know the ‘true story‘. we all can agree on the fact that movies based on a book don’t really cover the entire story. There’s definitely some masala’s added to make it successfully and commercial to the audience.

Slowly, I started growing as a reader. And now, whenever I spot a book store,

I spend money easily on books now. And it’s definitely for reading and exploring the world of stories and not for just decoration to showcase.


Now that I revealed both the sides, here’s my answer to the question.

Books that you listen? Vs Books that you read?

Books that you Read

Let me clarify that I’m still not a book worm or a book nerd who’s a hobby is to read tons of books. But here’s why I feel that a book should be read rather than listening.

Have you ever smelt the fresh copy of your newly purchased book. I know some likes it and some don’t. Well, to me I love the smell of a new book. It’s just super arousing and tells me that ‘I’m ready to be explored’, which isn’t possible if your book is downloaded from online or from Castbox.

I’m sure most of us have at least read a book or so in our life. It’s just a matter of fact whether we continued or not.

Now, if you see that topic, Books that you read or Books that you listen

can be considered into two scenarios…

  • Is this a question to someone who’s new to reading?
  • Is this a question to someone who’s familiar to reading?

So, Books that you listen –> this is basically introduced for people who can’t read. And now, it turned into this ‘so-called activity’ where almost all of us listen to audiobooks.

Plus, if you’re new to reading, go grab your favorite book[can be a novel or a children’s book or anything] and read it. Don’t even think about listening.

Guys, now that I rambled upon a lot of stuff, let me just point out the advantages of READING a book to LISTENING:

You can get a convenient PREVIEW while READING:

You can pause and get back on track with a preview of what’s going on, from a book. Let’s say, you stopped at page 7 and went out to buy something. When you return back and take that book, you can just flip it back to Page 6 and comfortably read the preview to know what’s happening and where am I in this story?

Tons of Learning process from READING

There’s a lot of learning involved when you read a book. The famous example or advice given to people who want to improve any language would be ‘Read books‘ and that’s how you’ll learn and improve. It’s true guys. You can mark words and learn them at your convenience. Plus, when you read more, you’re skimming skills are improved which is very much needed in our daily lives. It could be used in office work or at school exams or any kind of tasks which involves reading.

Another learning process is that you get to see the sentence format and this happens without your own knowledge or any dedication. Your brain starts to figure out how the sentences are formed and later lets you use it when required.

Hence, there’s both a visible learning process as well as the invisible learning process you can achieve from READING A BOOK.

Unleash your INNER ARTIST:

Didn’t you guys know it already? Whenever you read a book, you turn yourself into that particular character and even start to give it a voice.

For example, when it’s a romantic line, you would pay attention and read it in a way that actually sounds like a ‘real proposal scene’. I mean that’s another thing that we do naturally.


Didn’t all of you read it with stress? haha… there you go. We play our own version of those characters by giving them voices and creating this world of acting. See, all of us have an inner artist which is just waiting to get into the spotlight.

Oops, back to blogging…


Guys, books are our own treasure that we get to hold onto it. Remember that Harry Potter phase where a lot of people wanted to own these great treasure. Well, right now, it’s Game of Thrones[omg, the new season is coming soon].

Basically, what I’m trying to say here is that reading is a process. It is an activity that you do with curiosity. Not everyone can master it but it’s a process which involves…

Yes, even myself, remember my first book? Never finished it. And for those who don’t actually finish a book and just leave it there half-way, you can never understand this activity of reading. Books are truly a treasure to those who appreciate the art of literature.

With that being said, since my answer supports reading, we will now focus on the disadvantages of Listening to a book:

You can’t have a comfortable preview when you LISTEN:

Now, I get it. Listening is all convenient and stuff. But if you pause for a moment of other activity and then return back, it can get little difficult to rewind. I mean it’s super uncomfortable, let’s just agree on it. In case of a book, since it’s visual activity, your brain remembers the moment. Without our knowledge, there’s muscle memory too involved like what pose did you have when you have read the book back then, whether you were lying down or sitting in a chair or on a bus back home or in a train ride or etc…

In contrast, when you listen, which is a non-visual activity, your brain doesn’t really store the moment. Get it!!! Let’s move on to the next DISADVANTAGE.

Less learning process:

Above, you would have read about few to many, known as well as unknown learning process involved in READING A BOOK. When it comes it listening, there’s only one thing you can learn and that is:

How the words are pronounced?

It’s not that many. Plus, you can’t even mark a new word and research about it later in this listening process. For some, if it’s an unknown word, they just skip it and don’t even bother to know the meaning. However, in a book, it is possible to immediately or even learn a new word later when you marker them.

Just listening alone, might improve your listening skills and tone it better, but there’s not much to learn from just listening when compared to reading.

You can’t take a long break when you listen to an audiobook:

Isn’t that already proven?

This does connect with my first disadvantage. You can’t pause and take a long break. Not everyone is a genius in remembering the characters and situations. When I first started reading, I can’t take a long break, cause I might forget the flow and even miss out few characters. And when I encounter them later, it becomes a difficult task of ‘going back’.

This is hard in Reading itself but when it’s listening, it’s even harder to overcome this situation.

Locks down your Inner artist:

When you read, you create that character and give it a voice. When you listen, there’s already a voice which is quite amusing but it never really matches to your original version. So, hands down. Listening never really lets our inner artist out.

Listening is a one time experience which cannot be stored in our memory lanes:

This is true you guys, at least to me. When you read a book, maybe you don’t remember every single moment. But, in future, when you think about it, there’s at least a single image that pops out to your brain and says ‘dude, you already read that book, remember?’

Now, that’s a memory which is stored. If it’s strong and powerful, you might even remember the exact scene from the book, which in my case is a horrible death scene…

It’s true.

But when you think about the time when you listened to a story, there might be an image popping out but you can never remember the feeling of listening to a story. Because it isn’t recorded that strongly. As we age, we tend to lose our sight of remembering things. Hence, proved.

Final Verdict:

Now, that I have spit out all the stuff about this topic, let me say these words from my heart:

Reading habit led me to become a writer myself. Right now, I write light novels online and people read it and comment. It’s a joyous experience of becoming an author and writing a novel. Of course, I might get a chance to make an audiobook out of it and sell it. However, the process of me writing a novel and publishing it for people to READ will never compensate to an audiobook.

With that said, we all started listening to book, because of our own lame excuses of ‘being busy or so‘. Take out some time from your busy life and grab your favorite book, it can be a comic or a magazine or a novel or a short stories book, anything, read it and feel it.

Because when you read, it’s your own time where your creative side awakens. It will show you the world of imagination where even impossible things are possible.

To those who can’t read, please do continue listening to books where you can get an experience of those novels.

Reading will forever reign over Listening when it comes a book.

Until next time, with another topic, BYe bye.