New Season Trailer Release – Attack on Titan S3P2

Guys, I’m having a panic attack right now. Trust me, It’s so bad and I just can’t wait anymore.

Wanna know why?

We’ve been hit with the new Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 anime trailer. Can you BELIEVE IT?

A new anime ‘not a post’, ‘not an information‘, but a brand new trailer. Like, it literally kills you.

So, Attack of Titan is probably one of the most famous shows out there, right now. I mean this show is globally famous and is obsessed over by a wide range of audience.

So far, the series had three seasons, and a few OVA series that focuses on certain characters. And where did we stop?

Mission to take Wall Maria Back. We’re going back to the place, to Eren Yeager’s house to learn about the BASEMENT.


The fans have been hyping since the trailer release. A lot is happening and we’re are officially going to witness the ‘Beast Titan‘ and learn about him, I guess.

Let’s just hope that no one dies at least in this season, I’m crying already.

Now, I’ve seen the manga readers commenting on every single video, saying that this new season is going to be more epic than one can imagine. I get it, I mean I’ve also read the manga. However, I do realize the reason behind it.

Because in terms of the anime, we are just getting started… We found out that there could be titans in human form, learned about the Reiss family and a little bit about Eren and his father. However, there’s a lot more to explore.

The new season mainly focuses on the mission to retake wall maria which also includes visiting Eren’s house. Remember the basement that was often talked about in the show.

I’m thinking this season will be mostly action-oriented because, with beast titan, Reiner, Bertholdt and our survey squad, it is going to be a hell of a fight. Not to mention, Captain Levi is there too.

So, hold on tight till April because it’s going to be Human Vs Titans on another level.

For all you lovely people, check out the brand New trailer down below:

April is feeling too long for me to wait…

Anyways, until next time with another topic, Bye Bye.

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