One Piece – why Dressrosa arc is badass and the best?

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Yes, you heard me. That’s right. We all know about the arcs and their duration. One piece “Dressrosa” arc is one the longest so far and has some of the greatest moments, as far as I believe. Now, I saw the “Marineford arc” too, which I think was the most emotional arcs of all time in the One Piece world. Death of the strongest man “Whitebeard” and his second division commander aka Monkey D. Luffy’s brother aka Gold D. Roger’s only son “Portgas D. Ace”. This has left a big mark in Luffy’s life and also his crew members where they all agreed to spend time training more and more. Additionally, Marineford arc also revealed the potential future threat to the world itself, Blackbeard. The man who stole Whitebeard’s devil fruit powers, making him the first guy to possess two devil fruit powers. He already owns a devil fruit power called “Yami Yami no Mi” which allows him to create and control darkness.

Now that we got a clear picture of “Blackbeard pirates” and their evilness, we can’t wait for the future arcs and episodes of One Piece. It is going to be epic and awesome. Fingers-crossed.

Where was I? Yes, Dressrosa arc and why it is the best? Here is my list of why I think “Dressrosa” Arc is the BEST:

The Epic Pirate Alliance:

This could easily be the top reason for “Dressrosa” arc being the best. Who thought that “Monkey D. Luffy” and “Trafalgar D. Water Law” will form a pirate alliance? Plus, their alliance was to kill one of the four emperors “Yonko Kaido” known as the strongest creature in the world.

Here’s the epic video:

Regardless of how much few of the straw hats hated the idea of “Killing Kaido”, the decision was finalized by Luffy and agreed by Zoro, Sanji, Franky, and Brook.

The Corrida Colosseum:

Dressrosa arc is incomplete without “The Corrida Colosseum”. The epic fighting tournament between the best fighters all around the world. Now, this adds the badass moments to the Dressrosa arc. I won’t talk about all of the fights but some of them were epic and great. That includes our crowd favorite “Lucy” aka undercovered Luffy. A bit of Portgas D. Ace is remembered here, meaning Mera Mera no Mi is awarded to the winner of “Colosseum fight”. A lot of great fighters were introduced, however, the fight between Lucy and Don Chinjao will forever be an epic moment. This scene literally gave me goosebumps. The first time of seeing conquerer’s Haki in an actual fight. The music was just epic too.

Here’s the clip to enjoy:



We all should thank Oda-sensei for creating this character. Bartolomeo, the ultimate straw hats groupie. We all wish to be him at least one time or had felt satisfied by his action upon encountering the Straw hats.

Hancock vs Bartolomeo – I guess Bartolomeo wins because of his knowledge about the straw hats and their leader Luffy. Just like how Luffy got inspired by Gold D. Roger, Bartolomeo got inspired by Luffy and set his journey on the great sea, Grandline.

Regarding Bartolomeo’s power of “Barrier-Barrier” devil fruit. It is pretty handy, however, if trained well, it can become a great weapon. Bartolomeo would definitely join the straw hats grand fleet. Probably as the first group to join, which he did later towards the end of Dressrosa Arc. #number1strawhatpiratesfanisbartolomeo

Luffy and Sabo reunite:



I mean, get those Onion ninjas here now.

Didn’t we all wait for this “can’t explain in words” moment? Words will never be able to describe this feeling. Sabo all have grown up safe and sound. And where is he now, with Luffy’s father, the world’s number 1 criminal? Monkey D. Dragon.

Yeah, the no. 2 staff of revolutionary army now is our boy, Sabo. The man was rescued by Monkey D. Dragon, way back to the time when he was almost got drowned by the “world noble”. But, the shocking part was the when Sabo got rescued, he lost his memories; about Ace and Luffy. Hell, no!!!!!!!!

Was not expecting that ever!! but somehow he seemed to remember those moments partially. Later, when he heard that Portgas D. Ace died in a battle, all of his lost memories came rushing back. Check out the video below:

Of course, it doesn’t stop at that. Sabo made sure to win “flare-flare” devil fruit in memory of Ace. He fought in the place of Luffy aka Lucy at the tournament and won the fruit. Guess what, Sabo ate the fruit and become power holder of “flare-flare” devil fruit. It is just like Luffy said, “Ace’s devil fruit power is in good hands now”. My only wish was that Ace could have met Sabo before he died. I mean Ace and Sabo were friends even before meeting Luffy.

There were also other Sabo moments of helping the people while the Dressrosa was under Doflamingo’s birdcage. He fought with Burgess, Blackbeard pirates crew member; who came to fight at the Colosseum for winning the “flare-flare” devil fruit. When lost to Sabo, he still tried to steal it from him. But, that didn’t happen. He got bazooka’d by Sabo and went flying away.

God Usopp:

Well, well, well, if the world is under any evil, who’d save us from it………. can’t hear you?

Yes, say it out loud. God Usopp God Usopp God Usopp.

At first, When he lied to the Tontatta tribes about being descendant of Norland, it was little unsettling. I mean, we all know in this journey of One Piece that Usopp is the coward at the beginning getting at his “Can’t step on this island?” disease and stuff. But, when the time is right or serious, Usopp gets out there to help his Nakamas. Usoland’ – we all know that Usopp will return when the tontatta’s were calling for his help.

Doflamingo can be dealt with, but the most dangerous person in the Doflamingo pirates crew is “Sugar”. One touch by her and we become “doll”. That’s it, over and out. So, beating Sugar is definitely tough but challenging. I’m super glad that Usopp got it covered.

It happens, recently at the “Thriller Bark” arc too.  When Perona showed up, it was impossible to even for the monster trio; Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji, to beat her up. They were simply under the effects of negative ghosts. It was Usopp who bravely fought her and scared the hell out of her. Just like for Sugar.

Almost a lot of public and even most of the fighters, pirates crews were all ambushed by Sugar’s devil fruit power.

God Usopp, the name was given by all those pirates when they turned back to human.

Here, take a look at the face of this man who changed the fate of Dressrosa.

It was clever that when Sugar got scared and fainted at first, she was rescued by Trebol and was placed under a secure environment inside the palace. Even the man, Doflamingo himself was extremely mad at God Usopp for ruining his plan and turning the dolls back to their human form. He said it himself while announcing his game. A 500 million bellies worth man, the five stars rating; more than Luffy, law, or anyone.

While we talk about our man God Usopp, we can’t let pass the moment when he unlocked his Observational Haki. That man is a true genius of the one piece world. I mean that’s literally a Rocket that he designed to destroy Sugar for the second time. I am curious to know how great of a mastermind, Usopp will be, once Luffy becomes the Pirate King. By nature, Usopp’s sniper skills were out of the world. By, unlocking the observational Haki, no one can beat this man’s shooting skill from now on.

We got out future pirate king – Luffy

We got our future strongest swordsman -Zoro

We got our future Strongest Sniper – Usopp

Let’s keep moving this…..

Doflamingo and his past:

For starters, Donquixote Doflamingo is from the World Nobles family. A damn celestial dragon!!!!!!

Doflamingo being raised as one of the world nobles made him think that he is the ruler; the strongest and the weak must just listen to him. When his father threw away the title of being called “world noble”, in order to live normally, everyone in his family was able to adjust it except Doflamingo. The guy insisted on acting like a world noble. His mind went crazy that he just shot his own father and, later his own brother (we’ll talk discuss it later).

Later killing his own family, he met Trebol and Diamante, who discovered that the boy uses ‘conqueror’s Haki’. I think Trebol was the main reason behind Doflamingo turning deeper towards the evil path. I felt that Trebol insisted that Doffy had to be treated like a royal, like a king. They used him to lure stronger people to form Donquixote pirates.

Members included Trebol, Diamante, Vergo, Pica, Corazon as the elite executives. Their pirate crew was full of monsters and crazy weird people; cheated and took control over Dressrosa. Each one of them deserved their end.

Doflamingo is also called the “Joker” in the underground community for supplying weapons and man-made devil fruits. One of his regular customers was Kaido, the Yonko who bought those man-made devil fruits made by the tontatta tribe as slave workers at the factory.

P.s – I will cover more about Doflamingo in a separate article about the best Antagonists. Cuz, this man is a legendary villain.

Epic crew to kill the Doflamingo:

Introducing the epic group who loved Luffy and wished to help him by announcing that they vowed to repay Luffy by killing Doflamingo. Yes, each one of the fighter in the above picture was either saved or under debt by Luffy. If you’re confused, it was when all these fighters turned into dolls by sugar and GOd Usopp released them from the curse by defeating Sugar. So, to repay the favor, they ganged up together to kill Doflamingo; actually, everyone competed in this killing Doflamingo mission.

Later, they realized and believed in Luffy. They protected him when he ran out of fuel in his gear fourth form. These people helped him and securely protected those 10 precious minutes. Salute to these brave fighter who also fought the Donquixote family member and allowing Luffy and law to move ahead.

In the series, at the end of the arc, they all vowed to follow Luffy under straw hats grand fleet, to which Luffy refused and said that he simply wish to become the pirate king; to live freely. However, they all drank sake unofficially and accepted his friendship.


Corazon – definitely a father figure and the one who freed Law from Doflamingo. It is not just that, but Corazon helped Law to live his life freely rather than living to kill people and develop hate, just like his brother Doflamingo. Corazon failed to guide or free his elder brother but with Law, he gave his life in order to make him Live. I loved how Law was determined to take revenge on Doflamingo. Some of my favorite parts of these two were:

  • Corazon’s care & love for Law
  • Law with his cute family, studying to become a doctor like his father. Lowkey his sister is the cutest.
  • Corazon and his devil fruit power; salute to the man.
  • Law lived enough to form an alliance with Luffy and Luffy, in turn, kicked Doflamingo’s ass for the sake of all (including King Riku, the soldier toy, Rebecca and all)

Corazon’s death is the third most affected death scenes of all one piece; following Ace & whitebeard.

Gear Fourth:

Who all had high blood rush and mild heart attack from jumping and screaming around when you heard Luffy said “GEAR FOURTH”. I’m sure we had our adrenaline rush and heavy fanboying/fangirling moments, visualizing Luffy in GEAR FOURTH with HAKI SHIELD; out of the world idea and innovation in terms of using his devil fruit.

GEAR FOURTH was so perfect to defeat Doflamingo. In fact, I felt Luffy was stronger than Doflamingo after GEAR FOURTH. As expected, he had lost. However, we are also aware of the consequence that Luffy had once GEAR FOURTH runs out. The 10 minutes break where he is so weak and unsteady.

I had my doubts when Luffy said he can’t use the Haki for next 10 mins, but why look so weak. Then I realized the pressure of handling such transformation and fighting the overpowered villains must have wrecked Luffy’s strength.

The only disadvantage is that Luffy can’t be left alone during those 10 mins if the opponent is gonna be serious in the fight. Like they might even kill him, which won’t happen. But still, the feeling of thrill catch us in the loophole and let us cheer for Luffy so hard.

Still, expecting more GEARS in future or at least while fighting Kaido. #Luffyingearsalwaysawesome

Admiral Fujitora:

The only one who’s following true justice from its core. Admiral Fujitora was a pleasant surprise in Dressrosa arc.  He was honest, truly able to judge what’s important rather than just showing off by killing so-called bad guys aka pirates.

The man himself stood against Akainu who’s the current “Fleet admiral” of Navy. Plus, he was right in each one of his Decision and actually appreciated Luffy’s fight. How much we loved the part where the people send off the pirates by acting; and that Fujitora was able to identify it and laughed that he would like to see Luffy’s face and imagined how he looked.

I would really appreciate more of Admiral Fujitora’s appearance in One Piece and make him the Fleet admiral. The man knows true justice.

So, what do you think? Dressrosa arc was the longest and honestly the badass arcs so far. One Piece world of arcs; where each one has its own story and values altogether connected to reach the end of Grandline. Let me know in the comments about what are your favorite moments from this arc or which you believe to be the best arc so far? Put them in the comments. Let’s keep riding this show together until we find “One Piece”.


Until NExt time with another topic; ByE bYe.





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